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Barfee Trading Journal USD INDEX In a personal journal that day, Barfee said good morning to all of his friends once more. How many of them are best friends? Emotional buyers dominate the present US dollar index, based on the price action, which is continuing accelerating. Furthermore, buying the US Dollar Index in bulk is simple for investors. I see a resistance level of 102.50 on the daily time frame, which is a later date for investors in the US dollar index. What should we look for if we want to buy the US dollar index right now? The session will most likely witness a retracement to the downside before moving upwards. To avoid this, we must be patient while waiting for the correct registration. Active Trade GBPUSD Dear friends, in this way again I started trading away from GBPUSD globalization and my account went to great profit And I'm in a wave of happiness and 1 day according to the time frame and I came to this conclusion GBPUSD becomes a victim of currency pair rate crunch and my account goes into even more profit And as of now, that's a profit of $32 And according to my darkness when my account reaches $50 then I will close my trade Right now my account is turning profitable and I think the market will go down now My account will turn profitable as soon as the market becomes a victim of a decrease in trend GBP/USD D1 TIME FRAME Even a few weeks ago, the candlestick movement on the GBP/USD chart using the daily time frame appeared to be pushing buyers in a clear direction, but if you look at the trade. There appears to have been a huge turnaround during the last weekend, and it appears that this situation may be heading for a recession. As demonstrated by the candlestick pattern generated during the trading session, the downturn in the auctions earlier this week may continue, with a drop in the trend due to the relatively long body size of the candle, and the price is expected to move down. Today, we'll check in with the indication once more, but before. The RSI indicator's value.
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