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Elon Musk suffer big losses in Tesla shares during the first day of trading

It was on Monday when Tesla was first listed in the S&P 500. However, it was not the best day for its founder, billionaire Elon Musk. This...
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Analytical expert: Andreeva Natalya

Technical Analysis of Tesla for December 10, 2020

Tesla stock continued higher to test resistance at 654 a bit over the expected target at 605, but still we had a pretty good idea, that a top was nearby...
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Analytical expert: Torben Melsted

Elliott wave analysis of Tesla for November 26, 2020

Tesla should find a top in the 574 -605 region and start a larger correction to at least 423 and likely even closer to the 50% corrective target...
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Analytical expert: Torben Melsted

Platinum: prospects, trends, and trading ideas

A year ago when the global community was unaware of COVID-19, Donald Trump stepped up pressure on the US Fed, so that the regulator launched a cycle of rate cuts...
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Trump for Tesla

US President Donald Trump supported Tesla CEO Elon Musk's proposal to reopen the Tesla factory in California, going against the district officials who ordered it closed. "California should let Tesla...
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Promising deals until the end of the year

USD/CAD The signal line of the leading indicator Marlin went above the zero line (0.00) in the daily chart - into the zone of positive values. This is an occasion...
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Analytical expert: Laurie Bailey