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Mỗi nhà giao dịch có kinh nghiệm đều có bí quyết giao dịch thành công và thu được lợi nhuận kếch xù của riêng mình. Không thể nắm bắt được thị trường và chiến lược chỉ như vậy. Chuyên môn chỉ có thể đạt được qua nhiều năm đào tạo. Mọi nhà giao dịch đều nên trải qua những thăng trầm. Trong phần Nhật ký giao dịch, bạn có thể tìm thấy tất cả các bài đăng phổ biến từ các tạp chí của nhà giao dịch trên diễn đàn.

Tốt nhất của hôm nay

Honey Bee's - Trading journal

Greetings and Good morning to every forum member hope everyone will be fine and makes a good profit with the current movement of the market. USDX In the not-so-distant future...
Tác giả: Honey Bee

Tacaz Trading Journal

Greetings and good morning to all visitors, readers, and my valuable forum fellows. The pandemic situation in Europe has taken on a new chapter in France and Italy. The roosters...
Tác giả: Tacaz

Hally Trading Journal

who have deigned to provide comments and analysis. for today the discussion is still around GBPUSD, where I choose the buy option today. as we predicted yesterday, gbpusd moved down...
Tác giả: Hally

PhilipOscar Trading Journal

Have a nice day mate trader verification section its my suggestion to the admin and leader that open an another section where all the trader verification will be allow that...
Tác giả: PhilipOscar

Sammoni's trading journal

Gold price technical and fundamental senario: Today i share my point of view about gold price. So in the next working business days. If the Gold trading below the 1861...
Tác giả: sammoni


Greetings and Good morning, ladies and gentlemen I hope that all of you earning from his/her trading. Have a good activity in the sunny morning Hopefully all activities carried...
Tác giả: HiddenTreasure

Jayden,s Trading Journal

The Bank of England has come out of the shadows and strengthened the pound sterling by all except for leaving the option to set borrowing costs below zero. The specter...
Tác giả: Leofric

Gullz Trading journal

Journal Update: 26-01-2021 Greetings and Good Morning! Silver Technical Analysis The semi-precious metal (Silver) tried to develop a bullish pattern yesterday but did not find sufficient support from the bulls...
Tác giả: Gullz

Robert's Trading Journal

Greeating and Good Morning! I trust every one of you will be well and you will get benefit in softened cowhide exchanging well overall And today I will give...
Tác giả: Robert@

MS88105's Trading journal

EURUSD The euro rate rose sharply on yesterday amid falling US dollar. The session high was marked at 1. 219 Renewed hopes for stimulation are pushing the dollar down, although today...
Tác giả: MS88105