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Dear colleagues. What is currently happening on the stock markets gives me a strong sense of deja vu, because we already saw something similar in 2011-2012, only to a much...
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NASDAQ before the Fed

Good morning all, The Nasdaq is trading now at 8359, a rough 1% away from ATH, we can anticipate kind of a traingle being formed during last 8 sessions. There's...
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NASDAQ_ideas for the session

Good afternoon, NASDAQ has dropped sharply in the recent 2 days from 8,400 levels. It found support in the 8,160 area, lows of early November, now is almost 150 ticks...
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Close to an inflection point in financial markets?

Good morning all, This is one of the dozen of charts that pass under my eyes every day: it's not more relevant than many others, simply it happened that...
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Trader Morning Coffee 28/11_what you need to know

Good morning all, Yesterday we got to know quite strong US economic data. Indeed, US GDP y/y and durable goods orders were better than expected. However, the market gave...
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DAX 27_11 still playing the range! (and Spread idea)

I've already talked about the staggering DAX rally during last months. November has been a range-bound month for the Index which has established clear support and resistance levels...
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Long-term prospects_Part 1_US Indices

Hello everyone Next days, I will start sharing posts on technical analysis and also with daily reports on all relevant market updates. That is why I am going to give...
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