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Bitcoin reached new local high, rebounded from important resistance area, which could provoke correction

After a two-month correction, the main cryptocurrency continues to recover on large purchase volumes. During the Asian session, Bitcoin managed to test the important $45.5k level. The market has cheered...
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Analytical expert: Artem Petrenko

How does taxation of cryptocurrencies in US contribute to the development of the industry and how does the SEC oppose it?

Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor said that there is nothing wrong with regulating the cryptocurrency market. Saylor is confident that with the right approach and prescribing rules for the regulation...
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Analytical expert: Artem Petrenko

Bitcoin's price correlation with S&P 500 and NASDAQ hits record

Over the past three months, the first cryptocurrency has taken a significant step towards assimilation with the traditional financial system. The cryptocurrency cemented its position on the world stage...
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Analytical expert: Artem Petrenko

#SPX stock markets, trading signals, feast during the plague and the cure for it #GILD

Dear colleagues. What is currently happening on the stock markets gives me a strong sense of deja vu, because we already saw something similar in 2011-2012, only to a much...
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NASDAQ before the Fed

Good morning all, The Nasdaq is trading now at 8359, a rough 1% away from ATH, we can anticipate kind of a traingle being formed during last 8 sessions. There's...
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NASDAQ_ideas for the session

Good afternoon, NASDAQ has dropped sharply in the recent 2 days from 8,400 levels. It found support in the 8,160 area, lows of early November, now is almost 150 ticks...
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Close to an inflection point in financial markets?

Good morning all, This is one of the dozen of charts that pass under my eyes every day: it's not more relevant than many others, simply it happened that...
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Trader Morning Coffee 28/11_what you need to know

Good morning all, Yesterday we got to know quite strong US economic data. Indeed, US GDP y/y and durable goods orders were better than expected. However, the market gave...
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DAX 27_11 still playing the range! (and Spread idea)

I've already talked about the staggering DAX rally during last months. November has been a range-bound month for the Index which has established clear support and resistance levels...
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Long-term prospects_Part 1_US Indices

Hello everyone Next days, I will start sharing posts on technical analysis and also with daily reports on all relevant market updates. That is why I am going to give...
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