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Trading Signal for Nasdaq 100 #NDX, for April 15 - 16, 2021: Key level 13,900

Given that the eagle indicator is showing a bullish signal and is located above the SMA of 21, we must buy the Nasdaq 100 #NDX as long as it remains...
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Analytical expert: Dimitrios Zappas

Trading Signal for Nasdaq #NDX, for April 13 - 14, 2021: Key level 13,906

The Nasdaq 100 #NDX, this morning of the American session, advanced a solid 0.86% or 118.40 units, to 13,925, after the US inflation figures for March were known that were...
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Analytical expert: Dimitrios Zappas

Trading Signal for Nasdaq #NDX for April 12 - 13, 2021: Key level 13,690

On a technical level, the Nasdaq, has a strong top at 13,830, has formed a double top, by which, according to these fundamental data, a correction is expected...
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Analytical expert: Dimitrios Zappas

Trading Signal for Nasdaq #NDX for April 09 - 12, 2021: Downward correction

Our recommendation is to sell below 13,685 or if there is a pullback towards the 13,775 area, as long as it does not exceed the 21 SMA there...
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Analytical expert: Dimitrios Zappas

Trading Signal for Nasdaq #NDX for April 08 - 09, 2021: Strong Resistance 13750

Nasdaq futures today gain 0.92%, reaching the key level of 13750, this level coincides with Murray's 8/8, a level of strong resistance. The minutes of the last monetary policy meeting...
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Analytical expert: Dimitrios Zappas

Trading Signal for Nasadq #NDX for April 07 - 08, 2021: Key level 13550

The Nasdaq #NDX index, in 1-hour charts is trading below the SMA of 21 and below the 7/8 of Murray, we note that it has found a strong support...
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Analytical expert: Dimitrios Zappas

Trading Signal for NASDAQ, #NDX for April 06 - 07, 2021: Key level 13660

In view of the fact that the Nasdaq 100 Index maintains a strong upward trend, we must expect a correction in the 13499 and 13315 area. At this level...
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Analytical expert: Dimitrios Zappas

Trading Signal for NASDAQ, #NDX for April 05 - 06, 2021: Key Level 13350

Given that this is the first full week of April, it is likely that there will be a correction of the Nasadaq towards the support zone...
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Analytical expert: Dimitrios Zappas

Trading Signal for NASDAQ #NDX for April 02 - 05, 2021: Strong Uptrend

The Nasdaq 100 (#NDX, US100) has been up for three consecutive days, having broken the downtrend channel, it is now consolidating above the 200 EMA and 21 SMA, facing resistance...
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Analytical expert: Dimitrios Zappas

Forex forecast 10/15/2020 from Sebastian Seliga

Let's take a look at the event calendar for Thursday that seem to be quite busy and full of speech of various important people. Moreover, we will review the overnight...
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Analytical expert: Sebastian Seliga