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Trading Signal for Crude Oil (WTI - #CL) on June 27-28, 2022: sell in case of pullback at 109.50 (200 EMA)

Given that crude oil has strong resistance at the 200 EMA located at around 109.20, it is likely that it will be an opportunity to sell if the price approaches...
iconRelevance until2022-06-30
Analytical expert: Dimitrios Zappas

Trading Signal for Crude Oil (WTI - #CL) on June 23-24, 2022: buy above 103.00 (0/8 Murray - uptrend channel)

In the European session, Crude Oil (WTI - CL) is trading at 103.40 after having reached the low of 101.53. The price is currently bouncing and is likely to continue...
iconRelevance until2022-06-26
Analytical expert: Dimitrios Zappas

Trading Signal for Crude Oil (WTI -#CL) on June 13-14, 2022: sell below 120.98 (21-SMA -GAP)

In the coming hours, a pullback towards the 21 SMA located at 120.98 is likely to occur in order to cover the GAP that it left at the close...
iconRelevance until2022-06-16
Analytical expert: Dimitrios Zappas

Trading Signal for Crude Oil (WTI - #CL) on June 2-3, 2022: buy above $112.50 (2/8 Murray - 21 SMA)

This GAP that left crude oil at 115.57 is likely to be covered in the coming hours. However, it should consolidate above 112.50 (2/8 Murray) and could reach the resistance...
iconRelevance until2022-06-05
Analytical expert: Dimitrios Zappas

Trading Signal for Crude Oil (WTI - #CL) for April 13 - 14, 2022: sell below 101.10 (200 EMA - 4/8 Murray)

A rise above 101.10, where the 200 EMA is located, could change the bias in the short term and we could expect more advances in crude oil until it reaches...
iconRelevance until2022-04-15
Analytical expert: Dimitrios Zappas

Trading Signal for Crude Oil (WTI - #CL) for April 08-11, 2021: buy above $95.60 (downtrend channel)

Barrel of WTI is trading at 97.03 with a slight technical rebound. Yesterday the price of Crude oil fell to $93.82, the lowest level since March 17. The drop...
iconRelevance until2022-04-11
Analytical expert: Dimitrios Zappas

Trading Signal for Crude Oil (WTI - #CL) for April 07-08, 2021: buy above $95.80 (falling wedge)

Crude Oil (WTI_#CL) is trading inside a falling wedge technical pattern. Yesterday in the American session, crude fell below the 200 and below the 21 SMA reaching the support...
iconRelevance until2022-04-09
Analytical expert: Dimitrios Zappas

Trading Signal for Crude Oil (WTI-#CL) for March 30-31, 2021: buy above $107.35 (21 SMA)

Our trading plan for the next few hours is to buy above the 21 SMA at 107.35 with targets at 112.50 and 125.00. The eagle indicator is giving a positive...
iconRelevance until2022-04-01
Analytical expert: Dimitrios Zappas

Trading signals for Crude Oil (WTI- #CL) on March 14-15, 2022: sell below $106.64 (21 SMA )

At the opening of the American session, WTI crude oil is trading at 104.88. A strong downtrend is clearly visible and WTI is likely to reach the psychological level...
iconRelevance until2022-03-16
Analytical expert: Dimitrios Zappas

Trading signals for Crude oil (WTI - #CL) on March 9-10, 2022: sell below 120.52 (21 SMA - symmetrical triangle )

Crude oil price reached a high of 130.50 above Murray's 6/8. We can observe the formation of a symmetrical triangle which was broken in the European session. At the fundamental...
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Analytical expert: Dimitrios Zappas